The connection to the produce.

These are produce very often seen on our menu:

Rye and wheat from Fagerås mill. We buy both ground and whole that we ground ourselfs in our little stone mill in the kitchen. Our sourdough bread proves for a long time and we bake fresh loafs every open day.

Reindeers from Martina Jonsson in Idre (Eajran Sijte). We buy whole animals and butcher here in the restaurant. The bones are cooked to a broth, the fat is rendered, smoked and used for cooking. Some parts are minced and used for when we do food at markets or events. The nicer cuts we serve on our dinner menu here in the restaurant and the waste bits from that are fermented with barley koji to a garum.

Lamb from Lena Lindberg in Lima. Lena lives next door to Malin and we see the lambs all year round on the meadows around the houses. Here we also buy whole animals and utilize every part. The skins we use on the chairs in the restaurant.

Pork from Forsa Farm in Stora Skedvi.

Beef from Pollacks Farm in Stora Skedvi.

Salmon and roe from Älvdalen.

Arctic char from Landösjön.

Pike perch from Hjälmaren.

Shellfish from Norwegian waters.

Seaweed from Nordic SeaFarm on the Swedish west coast. We have a bouy with our logo on it, growing both sugar kelp and sea lettuce and take part of the harvest in the beginning of each year. 

Saffron from Österlen.

Wild berries from the forests of Sälen and Lima.

Cheese and dairy from Björn & Nicolina at Hansjö dairy farm.

Vegetables from Solsyran, Wålstedts and Massarbäck, all eco farms in Dalarna.

Berries, flowers and herbs from our own garden in Hundfjället and home gardens around the area.

Wild mushrooms and herbs from Dalarna and Stockholm.

Special coffee from Joachim at Gamla Snickeriet Kafferosteri in Säter.

Beer from Sälens Fjällbryggeri.

Wine from Wine Trade, Vin & Natur, Dryckesbutiken, Pompette Vinhandel, Champagnehuset, Wine Waves & Vin Voyou.