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Tuesday – Saturday from 18:00

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Tuesday – Saturday from 18:00

As a rule Tuesday – Saturday from 18:00, but no rules without exceptions.
For precise opening hours, have a look at the calendar in our booking system or email us!

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About frö

”FRÖ” is the swedish word for seed, and the meaning behind this name is that we build up our menu from the very seed that is planted, for us the process starts in nature, from planting a seed to delivering a special meal.
Everything we deliver is fresh and our flavours start from the earth and ends up on your plate. We make artisan food from scratch.

Here is where you come to treat yourself a real taste after a long day in the slopes, but also when you’re just craving something small or something good to drink.
On the menu you will find savory and ambitious food in forms of medium-sized dishes to eat yourself, or share with others and try as many as possible.

The food is prepared from the heart, only with the best seasonal swedish ingredients according to availability.
We carefully choose which drinks are offered each day according to what fits the current menu and here we promote the small, local and organic producers as much as possible.
In the glass and on the plate you will find many ingredients that we’ve harvested ourselves during the summer and autumn. The feeling and environment is homey, simple and welcoming.

Malin Flygar & Emma Ramírez

Our menu

Our menu is structured with snacks, medium-sized dishes and desserts.
This is for you to get as many taste experiences as possible during your evening with us.
Share this experience with your company or enjoy yourself!
We recommend 2-5 dishes per person and will gladly guide you through the menu of suitable drinks.
Because we work with small scale local producers, we have a live menu of great variety, we may change dishes during the evening.

Menu for JANUARY 2019

Chefs choice 5 servings 580sek
Chefs choice 8 servings 760sek

Deep fried flatbread with broad beans 60sek
Crispy kale with aged cheese & vinegar 50sek
Stödkorv 40sek

Beef tartar with leeks & ramson berries   180sek
Beets, currants, rose & aronia  125sek
Salmon from Älvdalen, dried potatoes, mussels & unripe currants   155sek
Flatbread taco, smoked moose heart, juniper & cabbage   135sek

Mushroom broth, celeriac, apple & buckwheat   130sek
Arctic char, cabbage, roe & mussel   170sek
Sunchoke, apple & dill pesto   145sek
Reindeer, celeriac, spruce, trumpets & lingonberry 180kr

Piece of cheese from Hansjö  50sek

Red currants, flowers & currant leaves   105sek
Meadowsweet, yoghurt, cloudberry & almond cake 115sek
Browned butter, Liura, sea buckthorn, nuts & chocolate 125sek

Please let us know if you have any allergies

The information provided can possibly be subject to changes