Welcome to Frö restaurant

Our menu contains local produce in season right now and preservations of the nature of Sälen from previous seasons.
We work with ecological vegetable farms here in Dalarna and utilize every corner of the mountain, forest and home gardens that we possibly can during spring, summer & fall.
We buy whole animals that we butcher in the restaurant and take care of every part.
Reindeer from Idre (1,5h away) & Lamb from our neighborhood village Lima (40 mins away).
The fish we get from Älvdalen and Landösjön.
With the menu you can choose beverage pairings with carefully chosen artisan wines or our own non-alcoholic infusions & juices.

We serve a set menu of 6 courses to all of our guests, please observe that we don’t have a special kids menu but kids are of course welcome to eat our regular menu.

Menu price food 945sek (12th-23d of April we will advance our menu and the menu price will be 1095sek)

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We’re looking forward to having you
Emma Ramírez, Malin Flygar & Charlie McCorgray

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